Friday, October 17

My other Passion studying architecture at uwa in perth, and i've just submitted my favourite work to date, and because i'm so very proud of it, i'm going to show you all, even though it has nothing to do with osier. it's still creativity right?

so yes, this is my album design for my computer based digital design unit. all images are either drawn in AutoCAD and rendered in Illustrator, photographs taken of a laneway near st georges in perth's cbd, or scanned hand drawn text. i'd love to hear your comments if you have the time.

- lauren (p.s. it took me 14 hrs from photography to final print)

click on the images to see them larger and in full detail

front cover as part of a trifold sleeve insert:

trifold sleeve other side:

disk and behind disk (yes, they line up and the rat is hidden until you take out the disk):

and the back cover with fictional song titles and copyright script:

i think it'd be really fun to do this design for a real band... any takers? ;p

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