Tuesday, June 9

This Little Piggy went to Market

Firstly, huge thankyou to all who came on what was essentially a MUCH too cold day to do anything but snuggle up in your doona at home. My day started rather earlier than I had anticipated, having accidentally pressed the wrong buttons on my alarm clock, changing the time forward an hour instead of just changing the alarm time. So there I was, dressed, fed and packed, ready to leave... and then i glance at the clock in the kitchen, which proudly announces its 6 o'clock in the bloody morning, which means i has gotten up at a wholly ungodly hour of 5AM!!!! This is from the girl who has been known to get up at 5 in the afternoon on occasion. So after i went back to bed for an hour and a half (with all my clothes,hair, makeup etc) i got out to my car which was covered in frost... bugger.

But never theless, I left, drove, arrived, set up, drank copious amounts of (rather dodgy) skinny latte to wake me up, and waited for the hordes to arrive. And arrive they did, to my complete surprise, but really, Justine (lovely organising lady) does such a good job of marketing that I sholdnt really have expected anything less.

So, I launched some of my laser-cut designs, which were complimented and bought, much to my delight and great releif, and the old favourites such as Christopher Poker Brooches and Vintage Button Rings were again snapped up with enthusiasm. But best of all, I has some return customers, which always makes my day (especially when I remember them!)

And so, on with the pictures:

Osier, originally uploaded by treis - six seasons. on [flickr]

That would be me with my new haircut trying not to look silly as I usually do with photos. And failing miserably.

And this is my stall at the beginning of the day. I think I'm getting to almost the perfect setup.

These are just a taste of whats to come as part of my new laser-cut label; PIP AND EMILY. I'll list the unsold stock on etsy in the next week or so, if you're interested *nudgenudgewinkwink*

Right, I've harooned on for long enough I think, might be time to send off my application to the next market (Made On The Left) and go to bed.

xo Lauren


Sarah said...

your stall looks great! wish I could have dropped by but study prevailed. i've applied for MOTL so hopefully will be selling there as my first ever market, yay! hope to see you there =)

olivefarm said...

Hi hun, sorry i havent sent the photos i took but they came out blurry *cries* too many people pushing about! But it was great seeing you there and i dig your set up.

Now i'm popping into op shops so i can find some great pieces for my stalls =)