Thursday, June 18

Take me out to the Show

This is a copy across of the third guest blog I've done for the Made On The Left blog, so sorry if you have allready read it. :)

Hello, Lauren here.

Ok, so I'm no expert, but I've now done a significant amount of handmade markets (hmmm, about 5 I think) and have basically got the set-up I want now, just a few tweaks here and there to freshen it up now and then. Heres a pic of my display at the last market I went to, Perth Upmarket.

Things to note:
- Tablecloth that reaches all the way to the ground. Nothing looks worse than your handbag, tool box, extra stock, tissue box, food and rubbish bag all layed out for the world to see. Plus its usually a requirement from the people organising the market. I only wish I had gotten a no-crease one, as I have to iron and roll mine up before packing.
- Mirror. Essential if you have jewellery, acccessories, or anything people wear. Otherwise dont worry about it.
- Height displays. My sales literaly doubled when I added those displays, and they dont have to be expensive. I know people who have found great stuff at Ikea, but mine are an op-shop find; vintage spoon collection displays.
- Label Sign. This can be as simple as an A4 Word printout pinned to the front of your table, or as complex and big as a display board behind you. Mine works because the stand screws apart, and the frame is flat and sturdy.
- Pricing. Either swing tags from your local newsagent, or on the back of the item's display card, or whatever. Just make sure its obvious, as most customers would rather walk away than ask you "how much?".
- Interesting display items. Not essential, but I like them as I can place my expensive items on them. Ideas include jewellery boxes, cool twigs, boxes, vases, or necklace busts. You can make your own necklace bust really easily with this tutorial.
- Plus dont forget the stuff like a cash float, small bags for purchases, business cards or flyers, tissue box, food, water, scissors, tape and pins.

Anyone have anything to add? Comment away.

xo Lauren

p.s. have a read of these great etsy articles on prepping for a craft fair:
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