Wednesday, July 15

Lead Me Down the Garden Path

Just thought I'd show you my mothers garden... I felt like a bit of photography yesterday so I took my camera on a stroll.

My mum has about ten different balinese statues scattered aound her garden, this is one I bought her for a birthday or christmas, cant remember.

The fruit trees are all looking forward to spring with their bare braches covered in buds

This guy hands out on the stump overlooking the vege garden, which currently only has baby pea plants about 2 inches high. Very cute :)

Part of my extensive collection of miniature cacti and succulents. This one is a baby of the first one I ever got when I was about seven (which is now about as big as a cat).

And this is just near our garden park bench under a japanese tree, not sure exactly what its called though.

So yeah, a small snapshot of my mums house. I would take photos of my Dads but its dreadfully boring.

See you soon,

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