Tuesday, July 28

Made on the Left : The Customer

So yeah, you all know I sold at the recent Made on the Left Market, but did you know I also had to restrain myself from buying everything else on the day? Maybe you do, maybe you dont, but this is what I end up with:

Brooches from Niina Aoki
Love and Hate zine from Niina Aoki (featuring her plus 5 other Aussie illustrators)
Badges are extras from Love and Hate zine
Just Another Post Apocolypse Story Comic from Monster and Robot Industries

I know! I was so good wasn't I? I hardly bought anything at all!

... well, alright, I'll admit to some upcoming custom orders I'm going to get from Tea for Bini and Odd Girl Out, I'll show you those later. But thats it, I swear :)


p.s. 'Made on the Left: The Seller' post is coming as soon as I can get some decent pics... my camera is pretty much a dinky toy when it comes to taking indoor photos where there isn't much light.

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