Monday, July 6

Meet & Make + Op-shopping = Pretty Good Day

Heres my new shoes I scored from the op-shop on the way home from tea for bini's place where we had our Perth Etsy Sellers Meetup. More on that and my other buys in the next few days, I have to get creative at the moment so I have stock for the upcoming Made on the Left market!!!


Niina A. said...

DELICIOUS!!! You make me pine even more for T-bar shoes!!!!

Jennifer said...

Ohh pretty nifty eh! ;) I love them! how much did you get them for? You always find lovely finds at the thrift store - I'm still envying your cardigan! sigh! :)


Osier! said...

thanks girls,

jen - six bucks :)

i've just gotten another pair in the mail from an ebay win.. they're a bit high and a bit small. might offer them up as a prize eh?