Friday, July 10

What I Did Today...

1. Took photos of some not-so-new items + some brooches I've recently made, and re-listed the much loved Mixtape Necklace on etsy and made it:

2. Caught up on one of my favourite blogs, Three Buttons:

3. Got even more excited about the new Harry Potter movie, and adored Emma Watson's dress she wore at the premiere:

4. Put a deposit down and signing all the paper bits for this!:

I'm so proud of myself for being such a good little saver, because it meant that I got a spanking new, 5 door, automatic (I drive through the city every day on my way to uni and borrowing Mum's manual is a literal pain in the ass. And leg.) Mazda 2... and best of all? ITS RED!

Ok, I'm going to stop bragging now :)

xo Lauren

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