Wednesday, August 5

More at Moose

Hey Everyone.

I drove to uni this morning, already tired from knowing that it was going to be a 10-5 day at uni... and then I get there and all my lectures have been cancelled for some *mysterious* reason, so all I have is one hour of tutorial, which I have to wait around 4 hours for, and I cant go home and come back, because I live an hour away from uni.

I dont know whether to be pleased or peeved.

I can go home two hours earlier than expected, but I have to amuse myself for FOUR HOURS!

I guess I'll post on my blog (hello!), walk to the post office to send an order with my cute new packaging, and work on my collage which is due tomorrow. Eep. I'll let you know how THAT goes.

In other news, the lovely Matt from Moose: Art for Living, has just posted up my latest lot of goodies, it includes a lot of the old favourites like a Christopher Brooch, White Rabbit Ring, and some newies like my new lacey Christopher Brooch, Sweet Story Necklace and some cute one-off peices. Clicky on the pic below to go straight to my page on the site.

Ok, so I've got to go cause my time is up on the computer (I'm in the uni labs) but I have some exciting news to tell you, so I'll be posting again this afternoon!

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