Sunday, October 25

Yes, yes I know I didnt tell you you where I was going.

I was working on my uni stuff and self-imposed a ban on blogging. Sorry I left you all alone, I should have said goodbye. But to make it up to you I'm gonna show you what I've been up to...

Mind you, its only a smidgeon of what I did, but I'll give you an idea:

I designed an Antiques Boutique that inhabits a laneway on Howard Street, If you've ever been to Andaluze Tapas Bar you know the place.

looking down Howard Street to the river.

Interior showing bookshelf, counter and window display recesses.

And this is a long section, but its kind of hard to understand because I hadnt put in my lineweights yet...

So yeah. I'm back, relaxed and ready for the two upcoming markets;

Made on the Left sneak preview at Darlington Arts Festival


Made on the Left November Market on the Saturday.



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