Friday, November 13

The Not-as-big-a-jerk-as-you-could-have-been Award

Can anyone tell me what anime show that is quoted from? If you can you are a superstar cool person.

As part of my night-before-a-market preparation (read "procrastination") I was looking at Perth's local DVD zine;
Cut&Paste, as I hadn't seen my Popsicle interview as yet, so yeah, looked, and there it was! Apart from the stupid open-mouth-thing I have going on before the video starts, and the fatty-neck, I think I did ok! And I didn't say "um" or "yeah" a rediculous amount of times either... which is always nice.

My little bro said I dont really sound like me, and I think hes right... I've put on my "posh voice" haha.

Stupid thing didn't want to embed. Oh well. :)


Niina A. said...

I want to see it but your link didn't work! It says "The URL contained a malformed video ID." :(

Osier! said...

fixed! yay!

Niina A. said...

EEHEEHEEHEE!!! Yeah your voice does sound a little different but OMG YOU'RE SO CUTE!!