Thursday, November 5

New Things that are Old

You know how yesterday I was whining about being tired... well I forgot to mention that it was also because I had been to uni, printing poster/sign stuff for Made On The Left in addition to poster bombing AND I also went op-shopping on the way home at my very favourite bunch of op-shops (which I'm going to keep secret, sorry!)

And although I didnt find as much as normal (being tired makes me not see the "potential" of a piece so easily), I came away with items that are probably part of my Top Ten Things I've Found At An Op-Shop.

A beautifull camelia ring that is REALLY good quality and will be easily moulded for future OSIER adventures, and some spunky Art Deco style 80's enamelled earrings!

Oh how I love a good find.

Sad side to the story: There were 12 or so AWESOME orange vinyl stackable dining chairs in the furniture section of one of the shops... for $2 each. I had nowhere to store them and it made me sad that I had to leave them behind. I stood there staring at them and patting them for a good minute or so trying to justify buying them, but I just couldnt do it. I cant wait to decorate my home with op-shop finds when I move out. Maybe by the time that happens the set will have found its way back to the op-shop again, albeit with a few more knicks and bumps. Who knows.


Niina A. said...

Those earrings are FAAAAABULOUS!

Her said...

oh I know that feeling, remember that 60's lounge suite I found on the site of the road in excellent condition? I still miss it :-)