Sunday, November 29

Perth Upmarket Piccies from Today

Hello all!

I have tired feet and a tired head, but had lots of fun, lots of nice people bought stuff from me and I got some free soaps for saving some ladies from their wind-prone sign with magic red tape.

Gosh it was so windy.

I made a whole set of new displays for this market, I've been itching to do it for ages but havn't been able to until uni finished.

Plus a revamp of my OSIER sign and I brought my lil' school desk that debuted at MOTL.

Alritey then, I'm gonna go get to work on all the custom orders I got today PLUS the two wholesale works I've got due. Gaaaah! Will post about them tomorrow :)



Deb said...

Hey Couz!
Great stuff - love it! :) Would love to see some more of your stuff and buy some stuff from you sometime!

Love Deb

justine said...

Your new displays looked great. Glad you had a great day.