Thursday, December 3

New Places to look at my pretty things and Perhaps Buy

Hello Dearests!

Just thought I'd let you know about two stockists I have sent my work to for the first time this week. They are interstate, so if you're an OSIER fan but wanted to see my stuff in the flesh, here's one of your first chances!

If you want to know where else OSIER is stocked, have a look at the right hand column of this page, there should be a section named "OSIER STOCKISTS" :)

xo Lauren


Shella said...

Congrats on getting your products interstate :) thats awesome news!!! Hope sales go well...

mrYen said...

Congrats! I have just sent my first lot of stock to my first stockist too, so I know how you feel ! : D

Fern said...

You do have pretty pieces. I'm off to "heart" your shop! Such cute things!