Thursday, December 17

No Opinion, Just Stunned.

I know lots of you may think I've had my head in the sand for the past year or so, but I only stumbled across this amasing person today.

Tavi Gevinson.

13 years old, sits at fashion shows seats away from Anna Wintour and Gwen Stefani. And her favourite label is Comme des Garcons. Which I simply dont have the capacity to even look at as fashion; coture at its most extravagant I just look the other way and let the people who know about such things look instead.

I'm not sure wether to be impressed, sickened, saddened, happy, wildly jealous or excessively greatful.

On a slightly less confusing note, the best thing that came from this whole experience is learning about a tv series called Freaks and Geeks (one of her favourites), and that one of the characters is Sweets from Bones. But younger. Much younger.

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