Sunday, December 20

Yesterday was Grand!

Hi All,

Had great fun at Unwrapped, got sunburnt on my arms and on the end of my nose, so I'm Christmas themed, just like Rudolf!

Got a couple of features yesterday too, which is always appreciated SO much, thankyou from the bottom of my heart!

Front Page on Etsy!

Plus the lovely (and well dressed!) Emma from Dropstitch did a little write up on Unwrapped and included some photos of me and my 'Ingrid Pattern Portrait' necklaces, click the banner below to read it, and make sure you read her blog from now on :)

xo to you all, and I hope you're Holiday shopping is going well/finished!



suzie wuzie said...

now i'm full of regret that i didn't make the trek to unwrapped! i managed to get as far as the oxford st markets then heading back. *sigh*

Miss Dot said...

congrats on both the features! you deserve it.