Friday, January 15

This New Decade We Find Ourselves In

Is this decade called the tennies? the tens? the teens? God I hope not, I really dislike the term "teen"...

Phew! That took me such a long time without my broadband connection to put together. I love you broadband. Come back soon!

... I personally like "the tenners"... but then that sounds like im talking about a pop-opera band.

And I promise that that is the last you will EVER see of the ten tenors on this blog. Ever.

So, any suggestions?

p.s. yes, I know i left a picture out of the 1900-9 period (boring for everything, including architecture) and the "noughties"... but I dont think i have enough distance from it to judge yet... personally, i think everything from 1940-1970s+emo was fashionable in the noughties... what fashion symbolises what you've worn for the last ten years minus the last 15 days?


Jacquie said...

This will sound weird but nappies pretty much sums up the fashion for the decade for my kids. Because for nearly 6 out of those years I've had to deal with them.
And for me...stretch pants (wonders off and cries).

Shannon said...

I am definitely a child of the early 90s - mostly coz this is when I was old enough to chose my clothes for myself. Think floral dresses with doc martens, wrap tops, converse high tops, and black bras under white lace singlets.

Hrm, when I write it out, it sounds horrible - I promise I pull it off ok!

OSIER said...

shannon- i was kinda too young to choose my own clothes, so i chose the grunge movement, as thats what i would have worn if i could! like there's no hippy clothes for the 70s, cause i look rediculous in hippy clothes.