Thursday, February 18

Just Bought my First How -To Indie Biz Book

I think if I should be taking advice from anyone, its these chaps. And frankly, anything endorsed by Emily Martin, oh lady-of-a-zillion-sales, has got to have some nuts and bolts about it.

Here's what the author's website has to say about the book (read more HERE)

It’s an exciting new world for crafters. Handmade is hip, creativity is what the market wants, and there are many profitable sales opportunities that didn’t exist a few short years ago. For crafters who have more confidence running a sewing machine than setting up a Web site, The Handmade Marketplace breaks down and makes sense of the global possibilities for marketing and selling crafts.

First, determine the right price for every item — not too expensive and definitely not too cheap. Whether the product is beaded jewelry or felted slippers, illustrations or tote bags, author Kari Chapin helps crafters determine cost of goods, market competition, and the pros and cons of wholesale and retail sales. If the price is right, customers will buy.

Then it’s on to selling. The boom in indie craft fairs and sites such as Etsy (”Your place to buy & sell all things handmade”) is providing artisans with an ever-expanding marketplace for handcrafted items. Chapin demystifies every venue. She explains the guidelines that craft fairs impose on exhibitors, the typical yearly calendar of shows, and how to start a new craft fair.

For the crafter interested in online sales, there are tips on styling and propping crafts for photographs and technical explanations of how the most popular Web marketplaces run. Traditional brick and mortar consignment stores are still very good options for many crafters. Chapin explains how to approach shopkeepers and build strong relationships.

Wrapping everything up with media advice and tips on how to get the word out, The Handmade Marketplace is the sales and marketing bible that today’s crafters need.

I'll let you know how I like it when it comes in the next few weeks.


Niina A. said...

Ooo I'll have to take a look when you get it, when I saw it on Emily's blog I was wondering whether I should get it :D

Kari said...

Hello! Kari here. I want to thank you for buying my book! I'll be interested in hearing what you think about it when you're done reading it.
Thanks again! XO, Kari

OSIER said...

oh wow, nice to see you here at my insignificant little blog Kari! You get extra points in your book review for that :)

jade holi said...

how great to stuble across your blog -after seeing your creations on madeit for quite a while. ( i do love your lil' owl) i think i'll stick around,, looks really interesting x jade holi

OSIER said...

nice to meet you jade! and great to hear i've made an impression on you, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :)