Wednesday, February 17

Super Breakfast and A New Design... Pretty good 24 hours I'd say.

Pretty proud of myself really.

Ages ago I got a trunk of old fabrics and crafting stuff from a family friend, and it got put in the shed while I finished my year at uni, which can get pretty intense (think crying fits from stress, sleep deprivation and an unhealthy relationship with both coffee and certain energy drink). So up until last night I had completely forgotten it was there, and got really excited when I pulled it open and all its treasures were revealed. I felt like a crafty pirate with enviable bounty! But thought it best to start off using the more sedate stuff for my first time trying the lined zipper tutorial from HERE, just in case i messed up big time. Alterations I made to the pattern was I squared the corners to give the pouch volume, and included embellishments during construction as well as after. Turns out I could have used the really nice stuff as it went really well, and was much easier to follow than anticipated. I recommend you give it a go!

Right. Stop talking, start with the pictures!

And the second part of my pleasantness from this day was from my VERY late brekky. At my mums house there is a great mini orchard down the side of the property, and as luck would have it, this year the birds have completely ignored the fig tree, which has given us possibly the best harvest ever since we arrived 5 years ago. Which means I get snacks during the day, yoghurt/honey/figs for dessert and buttered toast with extra toppings!

Plus a really great cup of Earl, glass of OJ, and leftover sago pudding made from cute little tapioca pearls that were bright green, pink and white from an amasing asian grocer on William Street. Its made with coconut cream, palm sugar and other yummies!

So all in all, a pretty good day.



Niina A. said...

Oh my gosh I LOOOOOOVE your pouch!!! The colour is gorgeous and ugh love the embellishing :D

OSIER said...

hehe, thanks niina! turns out its freakin PERFECT size for my camera!

Penny said...

Oooh the purse! And I'm waiting for my figs to ripen, there are 8 or 9 little figs on my little fig tree. But... I am not really sure how to tell when they're ripe? They're still hard & green, I guess that's too soon!

OSIER said...

yup, they should be squishy/soft when you give them a gentle squeeze. some breeds also go browny/caramelly on the top when they're ripe :)

Penny said...

Ooh okay I'll give mine the squish-test then!