Tuesday, June 1

Inspiration - 1st June

Ellen Page. Bikes. Heeled Oxfords. Cool Dresses. White Buildings.

Reminds me that I need to fix my freecycle bike (its an indi 500 flamingo.. cool name huh?) have a vintage photoshoot with my acornsvintage dresses and wear my newly aqquired white heeled oxfords. And to relax now that Architecture studies are over for the time being.

Haha, blogged three times in the last 6 hours. Shows you how much I missed it during uni.


The Purple Finch said...

Love the picture, just gotta love the vintage dress. Im glad that Uni is done and dusted for another semester can amagine that you would have a massive load at uni as well. I am doing a computing degree so not a light load + finishing off my third deploma in the computing field + baby on the way and running a business so always nice when you hit week 13 in the semester it always feels good.

Hope you have a good semester break :)

Nikki said...

Hi Lauren,

Just found your blog, it's a cute one! I'll be visiting often :)