Thursday, July 22

Indie Shops in Perth : Part 1

Hello All,

Had a great time at Made on the Left, if I saw you there, I hope I had a nice friendly hello for you!
About a week ago, I went wandering with Renee from Cocoa Pod, around Perth and Subiaco.

We went to both the Subiaco and Perth Good Sammys, and may I say they were relatively crap compared to my home hunting ground of Midland op-shops. I did pick up some awesome brooches however, which will be for sale in my vintage etsy shop soonish.

But the highlight of my day was our visit to an independently run tiny little shop in Subi;

Mr Sparrow.
I bought;
T2 tea selection, and washi tape :)

I've had a couple of the T2 teas before and was pretty pleased, but I think that maybe I'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to tea, cause some of these were so bad I couldn't drink them. China Jasmine was ok, but Lemongrass and Ginger was literally undrinkable.

Yet to try the rest of them, but they're all pretty standard as far as tea goes so I should be fine :)

sencha - green T
chai - not my cup of T (haha, see what I did there?) but ok in small doses
english breakfast - standard black T
peppermint - leaves
chamomile - flowers
earl grey - standard black T but with bergamot

What I didn't buy, but will haunt my dreams;

Plus a gorgeous eggshell lined with gold set in resin on a necklace that I was in love with, but was rather too pricey for little old me.

Now I just have to decide what to stick my japanese paper tape to... so many things!

xx See you soon!

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