Friday, July 23


Hello All!

Vantiani contacted me a while back on Etsy and asked me if I wanted to do a swap with her. Now I'm usually a bit wary of swaps as I've been burned a couple of times in regards to never getting anything for my efforts. However the Etsy swap system is really good, as you list the items as 20c, both "buy" each others items, and then you can give feedback on how the swap went after you receive your item.

I sent a vintage tin duckie from My Vintage Etsy Store;

I got;

...a cute set of 4 cards, which I use as mini-art prints :) I love the vintageness and the modern teardrop collage, they go so well together! I also love this item in vantiani's shop;

so sweet, and I LOVE drawing those scallops all over everything :)

xx Thankyou so much Vantiani, you made my day! xx

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Widge said...

wow i love those prints! gorgeous!! what a great score