Friday, August 20

Sexyness is... Voting

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Yup, I'm one of those people. The people who LOVE they get to vote, and who really do think they make a difference.

I mean, you have to pop a peice of paper in the box anyway, so why not make it count? (for those outside Australia, we here have compulsory voting - you get fined/punished if you dont)
The basics;

Two peices of paper.

One for the people who represent different areas who make up new laws (find yours HERE) -The House of Representatives. So pick the person for your area that best represents what you want, so if they get voted in all their actions will hopefully be what's best for you.

One for the people who vote on laws to see if they get passed or not. - The Senate. Vote for people based on their party policies (or personal policies if they're independent) so if they get voted in they'll vote for the stuff you want and reject the stuff you don't.

And if you really cant be bothered, dont donkey vote! Votes that have "watermelon" scrawled across them don't affect the final result, whereas donkey votes do.

x Lauren

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