Wednesday, September 29

Dwellingup Residency

Decided I'm going to do more of a photo journal as I cant be sh*tted to tell you about all the sleepy towns, heritage buildings and cute baby moments (not mine, I can assure you - Ali's baby Eloise).

Basic Info : I've been in Dwellingup since Monday living with Ali while she does her 3 week artist residency. I've been creating my socks off and making a stop-motion animation of Ali creating one of her works... I'll show it to you once I'm done.

And now Niina's here too. Yay!

Dwellingup Residency 3

Dwellingup Residency 6

Dwellingup Residency 9

Dwellingup Residency 4

Dwellingup Residency 14

Dwellingup Residency 13

Dwellingup Residency 12

Dwellingup Residency 10

Dwellingup Residency 8

Dwellingup Residency 7

Dwellingup Residency 5

Note the Harry Potter reference (getting so excited it's rather embarrassing), the Little Red postcards (seeing their new show on Saturday night, triple excitement - they're such a great band) and the candy heart lollies from my friends 21st last Saturday that had treasure-lolly-bags when you went home (with parachute soldiers, bubble-mix and party poppers), so cute, reminded me of how awesome parties were when I was little.

So yeash, making lots of cards, going bonkers with paper doileys, having fun spelling things out with scrabble-tiles, and making fabric-covered buttons.

Oh. And drinking tea. Can't forget that.


Hannah said...

This is the first time I've been on your blog, and the Harry potter reference has made me love it even more!

OSIER said...

Oh thankyou Hannah dear!
Glad you could come by.

Anonymous said...

ooh, doilies, scrabble tiles and lots of lace! Looks lovely. Plus, two more of my favourite things: tea and Little Red! So much love for Little Red. They're insanely amazing. I hope their concert was a blast! (although I doubt it could be anything but ;)

OSIER said...

Immy, i havnt met you but you sound pretty awesome.