Thursday, September 9

Pitter Patter

No that isn't the sound of tiny feet (i.e. an "I'm pregnant!" blog post - shudder/yuk/I'm way to young.

Its the sound of what all the farmers and gardeners want - rain!

I admit I would find it a lot more enjoyable if I could find my yellow polka-dot umbrella, or if I had some bright red gumboots...

But instead I decided to look at Australian made items that went with the theme!









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On the plus side, I saw so many rainbows today that my gloomy weather mood got cancelled out with joy - I even saw a double one - you know, the ones where theres the normal rainbow and then another on the outside of that, but fainter? It was so happy inducing I actually slowed down enough to notice the cars coming the other way were flashing at me so I slowed down and didn't get pinged by the good folks in blue. Brill!

xx Lauren

1 comment:

incalesco said...

Plenty of rain here in Victoria too, after years of drought it is very much needed.

I love the sound of the rain on my colourbond roof at night ;)

Thanks for including my rain drop ring in your post e xo