Friday, October 15

He's a bit strange

But has a velvet voice so he can get away with it I suppose. The "I'm off my tits" head bobbing weids me out something chronic though. Kind of like David Grey (Mr Bobblehead - go look up a video of him and you'll see what I mean), but much much much much cooler.

I would like to let you all know that the reason I have seen this is because my Dad is a fan. No other embarrasing stories behind that knowledge. Unlike a friend of mine who confessed his first concert ever was Savage Garden because he was obsessed with them. And he hadnt been to any live music since then (this was four years ago, and we are 21. You do the math).

But onto strange lead-singer antics with awesome music...

I always feel idiotic once I find out what the lyrics to a song actually are. This is one of them - I've just been kind of mindlessly humming along whenever this comes on the radio, and then I find that he's singing about "blood-buzz" - hipster vampire reference? Maybe?

I really have no idea. It's 12.24 and usually that isnt late but I have an infected sinus and throat from severe hayfever (the devil isnt a red dude with horns, its heavily brut-ed teenage boys - one of which lives in my house. that and flowers.) which means that I need much more sleep than normal but I cant cause I have a 2500 word assignment due at 4pm tomorrow and I've only written... *goes and does wordcount tool* ... 251 of them. So the knowledge that I probably will be getting very little sleep, in addition to knowing I have a vintage market I'm supposed to be ready for by now that on on Sunday and my little brother (the one that doesnt smother himself in hayfever inducing "deoderant") wont give me the commodore to lug my vintage things down to Freo makes me want to go to bed extra bad.

Gosh I wish I had written this many words in my essay instead of procrastinating here. It's now 12.39.

Sorry to have freaked you all out with my mind-spew, I seem to have a habit of doing that (my facebook friends know what I'm talking about). But I think this is the most pretentious blog post I have ever written - so feel free to deride me in the comments if you wish - or ignore this post entirely perhaps. I won't get mad.

I'm a bit strange. Perhaps Mr The National and I can have a late night chat. Once I finish this essay...

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