Wednesday, November 3

A Letter From Acorn


Check out these photos I took at Vintage Vixens & Vamps!

awesomely dressed lass lookin at my shoe rack

simple, yet stylish

and attention to detail as well! cute-as whale belt! - we decided that whales
should be the new trend animal... move over owls!

this lass ws so laid back but awesome looking at the same time...

it might have had something to do with the carvan on her hat.

this darling from Sugar Blue Burlesque,
there was a hula hooper as well as lots of others but I was too entranced by the
hula hooper to take any photos...

my little cacti table was ignored most of the day,
until right at the end when some people took
some of my green buddies home

and these are my little helpers for the day
cutest couple in the world;
Niina and Mr A :)
(Niina has issues with trustgames, this is as far as we could get her
without freakouts - teehee)
big thanks to those two for getting me lunch and stopping me from dying of boredom.xx

and thats the end of the photos, hope you enjoyed!

xx Lauren


Lillabilly said...

Yay! Vintagey stuff rocks, doesn't it? Also, had I been in the vicinity, I totally would have bought one of your little succulents!

Niina A. said...

Oooo such great photos!

Can you email me a high-res copy of the last one? ;)

Del xo said...

Cant wait for the next Vintage Vixens :)