Sunday, November 21

You Think You Know Me

My MP3 player stopped working last year and ever since I've kind of been on a CD/Record kick. In car = my CDs or triple j, and Home = latest downloads on the laptop, or records on my parents' turntables, or my respectable sized CD collection. Its kind of great to listen to music with other sounds around as well, sometimes I think that earbuds are way too insular - the only time I remember bonding with someone over music in highschool was on the bus when we'd stick one in the person who was sitting next to you's ear - you'd share a little bit of your world, or they'd share a bit of theirs. Sometimes we'd put one of each in our ear and listen to the weird song combinations the two songs would make - usually it wasn't that great but every so often the tempos and beats would match up and we'd look at each other in excitement and surprise.

But otherwise it was "oh, they've got their music on, just leave them alone".

So in preparation of two weeks in close quarters with the fam, I've dusted off my discman and gotten all my cds into one zip case... I know, amasing right, things that were basically attached to every teens body as of 6 years ago (wow I'm getting old) are now replaced by tiny things that can store more songs than most of us could listen to in ten years.

I should probably get another MP3 player. But for now my trusty discman gets to live another day...

...even if it does skip annoyingly when I dance around like a maniac.

discman @ picinguaba

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Annie said...

it's so funny to hear you get all nostalgic about a discman. Cute! I've still got my walkman & cassettes somewhere, not to mention a wind up gramaphone!!!