Monday, December 20

Moving Out #1


Well I'm moving out in Feb with a lovely chickie I've known since I was 6, and I'm really excited!

I'll finally be a proper grown-up!

So of course this means I've been looking at all the interior design blogs... soaking up all the cheap ways to make things look awesome.

And my fave so far is mismatched chairs... which is useful considering I'm pretty much going to buy all my furniture form op-shops anyway.


Sarah said...

Yay, it's exciting isn't it! I still remember how it felt when we first moved into this place =)

You should watch out for a blog post I'm doing later in the week - its a project involving bentwood chairs ;)

Renee said...

yay!!! so exciting. cant wait to see what you do with the place. what part of perth do you think you'll be living at?

if only he wore glasses and then it'll combine both of your posts perfectly. hehe

captain plaknit said...

i love your design ideas for in-door out-door new housey!! our place is in this style - have to have you and motl lovelies over! - but not quite as spectacular! :)