Thursday, December 9

New Blog

Hi All,

Just thought I'd let you know about the picture blog I've started, to help me sort out my book tattoo. I've just been posting things with books in them that inspire me.

Sweet Indecision

Its got quite a bit of nudity (female just now, but maybe male into the future) so if you're not comfortable with that, maybe give it a miss.

xx Lauren


Samantha Hughes said...

oh cool, i used some of these images in a conference paper I did on "Librarian Stereotypes" a few years back.

Which part of yourself are you thinking of getting inked?

OSIER said...

ah yes, you must get tired of the "sexy librarian" thing sometimes :)

i'm thinking on my side, beside my boobies. but i think it will depend on what i choose to get done.