Saturday, December 18

Who says Sayings anyway?

Lauren heartily disagrees with the old saying "opposites attract"... it knows not how my heart beats when I see a boy with thick rim glasses dressed in vintagey/indie clothes.
whether its celebrities

tv characters

or just some random guy off tumblr...

And yes, yes I do know that I need help.


Anonymous said...

I picked a boy in glasses, and I never looked back ;o)

renee said...

agreed :) i don't get that saying or the one that says you'll marry someone like your father. that's just. ew.

MONTHS ago traveling in a train, i saw a guy in the most amazing indie outfit reading a comic book. He was about 24, not too masculine yet not a prettty boy, he wasn't lanky and he wasn't ripped. perfect perfect perfect. hehehe

seriously thought about getting out the next stop just to look at him longer.