Saturday, January 1

Guess what this post is about.

heart sparkles

Yup, the new year :)

Well I've been really happy with 2010; met lots of lovely people, became firm friends with a few, and finally got the haircut of my dreams :)

I've only got a few resolutions. But they're really important, so I must stick to them. This is my first year to make resolutions, so we'll see how I go.

1. spend less time on my laptop. honestly, this baby takes up waaaay too much of my time. So i'm gonna restrict myself to four hours a day (yes i now this is still a lot but believe me i spend waaaaaay more than that on here at the moment) unless I'm doing uni work or its a Made on the Left emergency (we have quite a few). This will equal more time getting real life stuff done, and less time thinking or planning (or blogging) about getting stuff done.

2. eat healthier. this will actually be a lot easier, as i'll be cooking all my own food (which I LOVE to do) once i move out in feb, and I won't be moving house every Wednesday, so I can organise things in advance and freeze. Gonna be really yummy... looking forward to it!

3. start some form of regular exercise. i haven't exercised for about three years, to tell the truth. disgusting, i know. but i've taken positive steps, such as doing up a vintage bike and getting a helmet, plus signing up for rollerderby training - yes i know its dangerous and i'll always have bruises but no other team sport appeals to me except netball and i cant be bothered finding a team.

4. stop being so shy around boys.

xx Lauren

p.s. yes, yes I did spend my first minutes of 2011 playing with sparklers in my friend's backyard. are you going to judge me??!!

p.p.s. the photo is by me, but of crafty friend Jacquie... we went to Peta's house and ate yum stuff (including cupcakes) and talked and drank wine and champers. Excellent.


Jacquie said...

Lauren, I'm stealing your pic of me.

It's so fab.

Annie said...

love the photo! & your resolutions are the same as mine! Good luck sweetness xx

petrafanella said...

Roller Derby. Excellent!!!

Great pic!!