Sunday, January 16

Resolutions In Action #1

Taking Action on New Years Resolution #3 : start some form of regular exercise.

First time I've ever really found sport exciting in terms of actually doing it (gimme live AFL Dockers any day of the week)... They have training once a week, yay! Hopefully it will fit in with uni. If not, there may be tears.

I've got "Fresh Meat" signups (i.e. Newbie Intake) this Thursday. Wish me luck.

Oh, and if you wanna go skating with me sometime, I need a LOT more practice so let me know and we can go together!

xx lauren (or Wind Screams O'Brien? No? - rollerderby names are fun!)


Anonymous said...

I've just started reading your blog- it's great :)
Good luck on Thursday- roller derby looks like it takes guts!!

OSIER said...

Hi Sarah!

It'll be a long time before I have to be gutsy thankfully - fresh meat training takes like 12 months!!!

just popped over to your blog, and the swing your partner fabric from MOTL was from me!! haha