Wednesday, January 19

What I Wore Today

Well not today, really, a while ago.

Sometimes I marvel at how many new friends I've made through the craft world, and just how special some of those friends are to me. We've shared deaths, births (a freaky amount of twins actually - another reason for me not to procreate!), separations/divorces, and marriage.

Annie is one of the women I identify most with in our little group. She lives a creative life and has lived overseas for long periods of time - some of my life goals. On top of this she's a wonderfully warm, kind and giving person, and despite our rather signifiant age-gap, I really do relate to her easier than a LOT of people my age. So when she invited us all to her re-wedding ceremony this month, I couldn't stop grinning like an idiot the whole time.

Love you Annie dearest!

And here is a pic of me at the wedding just so I don't melt into a pile of love-mush. Haha. The dress is an op-shop find for $7, which the other craft-ladies in attendance told me this was a exxy myer brand. While that does explain the expert lining and beautiful pintucks, I really love it just because it suits me and now has the extra special memory of Annie's wedding attached to it - its old life as a designer dress isn't even really a sweetner for me, I've just accepted it as part of the story that most second-hand clothes have to offer. The ring (which you cant really see) is an old thrifted wing charm glued to one of my ring-bases, and the glasses are the most expensive peice of fashion I own (by a LONG LONG way) at $350 dollars or so ...eep. The shoes are just op-shop buys that were new at purchase - original pricetag and elastic still attached.


SUCH a beautiful setting. And the bride looked very gorgeous and "freo" in a bright floral print top, hand-dyed orange pants, a flower wreath in her hair and a GORGEOUS button bouquet by Liza, a very talented (and busy) lady in our group.

p.s. thanks Niina for the pic! xx

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