Monday, February 14

Yay! Hearts & Kisses for the 14th!

Hugs and kisses to everyone, I'm one of those people who like Valentines Day (hugs and kisses to those who don't like it too! Just pretend they're for a diffeent reason), but perhaps would prefer if someone made her dinner rather than buy her Tiffanys - those little blue boxes give me the heeby-jeebys.

Or maybe even some love themed handmade jewellery...

I'll be spending the day being shop-queen at Montage, the pop-up shop me and my handmade and vintage stuffs + 11 other awesome people have been running for a week now! Come drop by and give me a hug - I'll be on my rollerskates being an over-excited kid rolling about the shop, wearing the first prototype of this brooch (I always keep the first one! Perks of being the designer *smiles*).

xxo Lauren

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captain plaknit said...

hugs and kisses
and valentines wishes
to YOU lauren!!!