Monday, June 20

Bandits + Bicycles.

Another essay-style whinge post! Yay!

I've had the unfortunate luck to have had my bike stolen on Saturday afternoon. My lovely, slightly rusty, vintage dip-frame, faded pale apricot indi 500 flamingo was I assume taken by one of the lovely bus-stop patrons (the bus stops right outside our house) as a quick get-out-of-the-rain steal...

Apparently I deserved this, as I had left it unchained (well, the chain was locked to its-self under the saddle), and at the front door, which is about 5m from the property boundary. While this does suggest neglect on my part, I simply didn't think anyone but me would appreciate its rusty frame, sagging seat and slightly dodgy brakes - and so there wasn't a need to protect it from unscrupulous bike bandits. Plus the fact that said bike bandit WALKED UP OUR DRIVEWAY and onto the property to steal it away.

So all in all, I was annoyed, especially as I used my lovely bike to ride to the train station, the local IGA and for general joy-rides, as well as the post office when I can be bothered - which meant I had to start the hunt for a new two-wheeled friend right away... Can I just say gumtree is awesome? The next day my brother and I drove off to pick up my new, $25 royal blue indi 500 bike. Its a little more rusty, and a little incomplete (missing brake levers and cables, and might need new wheels depending on how rusty the spokes are on closer inspection) but considering the price, I'm happy with that.

And you know what? I like this bike more. Its got a basket, a back carrier, a working adorable bell, and its a nicer frame... oh, and it has twice the amount of gears of the last one, which seeing as my first gear was STILL too hard when moseying along on my old bike, is a very good thing!!! Plus I was lucky enough to not have put my new expensive tan wall tyres on my old bike before it was stolen, and they fit my new bike too! Hoorah!

So... sort-of thank you bike bandit. I hope the brakes finally fail just when you decide to ride down a massive steep hill with a brick wall at the bottom. xx Lauren

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Renee said...

yay for getting an even better bike! reminds me of this tee: