Thursday, September 15

The Spring Roll

Puns, bruises and rollergirls await you for just $11 at the last bout of the 2011 between the two teams of my roller derby league. If all goes well and I pass the tests that await me in the next few months, I could very well be playing sometime next year, which is a pretty darn scary thought when you see the girls in action.

Roller Derby has a fairly wide audience, families with young kids love coming along and watching women kick ass at a sport thats far from "ladylike". You get the groups of teens, and considering watching sports isnt exactly "cool" for most teens these days, we've got to be doing something pretty amasing for them to want to watch. And then we get the old couples who remember Roller Derby in its earlier incarnations of the 20s-50s, and are proud to see girls on skates again, bashing each other up :)

Get your tickets here.

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