Tuesday, November 15

Etsy Challenge #1 November


I must say its lovely to be back, after the long weeks of hard slog at uni. Christmas is gearing up, as is my excitement about getting back into the swing of running my darling little businesses! Keep note this week, as I will be updating my online shops with a whole manner of new and new-to-the-internet designs that I think you'll love (they certainly have a few fans in the market world). I'll also be listing a COLLOSAL amount of vintage over at www.acornsvintage.etsy.com, and I hope you'll be able to find something there that takes your fancy for a Christmas present to yourself or someone else - I'll be sure to preview them here too for a reminder!

Also make sure you pop-over to the facebook page as I'll be running a comp there in the next week for my fans - naming one of my design ranges!

Also very excited about my return to roller derby practice tomorrow night, and the amount of Christmas markets I'll be at!

But now for the real reason for my return - a challenge to all of you with an Etsy store! (myself included...

etsy challenge monthly themes

1. Create an item to one or more of the following themes from Etsy's November merchandising newsletter
2. List on etsy with the tag "merchchallengenov11" and link to your item in the comments of this post
3. Do this by the end of November
4. I'll promote all here on the blog
5. We do it all again for December!

As for me, I'll be choosing the theme of movember! (and can I just say how much i LOVE the marketing and advertising style they're using this year, so so dapper.

Be sure to let me know what you'll be doing in the comments!

xx L

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