Saturday, February 8

A long awaited and highly deserved Return to Op-shopping (oh and blogging - hi!)

As part of my reward for not op-shopping for about 3 months, I went to my favourite strip in Belmont and went crazy! Over the five-all-next-door-to-each-other adventure, I managed to get some real gems, including these super kitsch teensy swan vessels. The biggest vases at the back are only about 15cm high, and the rest are just for jewellery and Tchotchke's (daym I love that word). They are all very lucky little things as soon they will be filled with adorable succulents and cacti, and apart from the plastic apricot guy on the right (can't part with him!), will be making their way to Osier customers! I'll post here when they're available on my facebook page, and due to there being plants involved, they'll only be available to my local fans here in Perth - sorry dudes!

p.s. I find it hilarious/awkward that the one on the left is a tourist momento from Cronulla... obviously it's back from before the place became famous for all the wrong reasons...

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