Sunday, June 29

2 More Months @ Montage

Hi All!

So us ladies from Montage Collective are back again, and with only July and August remaining, time is short! Come and visit at 454 William Street, Northbridge! We have some lovely neighbours too in William Topp and Beau est Mien, and there's usually a spot or two of street parking :)

Here's a snapshot of the shop that I've updated my blog header with!

And a shopping list from left to right;

Swan Planter $20
Hand-stitched Heart Card $5
Framed Fabric Ring $23
Black Hand-formed Ring $25
Owl Ring $20
Bullet Earrings $30
Owl Necklace $35
Rose Crown $35
Pin Cushion $20

And if your after one of these but can't make it to the shop, let me know via the contact link on the right and I'll set you up :)

xo Lauren

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