Thursday, April 23

Lets buy Handmade Together.

I really like handmade. Sure, I love creating and selling my wares, but I also love spending my moolah on great indie-produced goodness. These are a couple of sweet things I've bought over the last month or so. The hairclips are beautiful felt/fabric/embroidery/beads peices from a talented Perth lady thats part of the Etsy Sellers group I belong to; Liv, her label Olive Farm is full of funky colour and cute felt works. The knitted grey thing is a scarfette, or cowl. You wear it like a necklace by doing up the buttons, and it scrunches down and warms your neck up :) I love it, and got it just in time for winter. But being obsessed with grey and yellow colourways at the moment, I replaced the original buttons with some vintage earrings I had but never wore (too big, they're seriously almost an inch across!). I hope thats ok? What are your guys opinions on changing someones handmade work to suit yourself? Do you view it as latent destruction, or simply like adding an iron-on to a shirt from Target and completely harmless?

But yes, my scarfette comes from this etsy store. She's Ukrainian (eeep, spelling?!) and she put a whole pile of Ukrainian stamps on the package, my lady at the post-office was so jealous of all the pretty colours and pictures. The listing states that I can also wear it as a headband... I tried it and surprisingly, I may be able to carry it off. Stay tuned for pics...

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olivefarm said...

Awww thanks for including me in your post Lauren =) i'm thrilled you enjoy the hair clips.