Friday, April 17

Another Holiday Down South...

...And another excuse for me to stop the uni homework I'm supposed to be doing and show off my pretty pictures. This time I went to Nannup for 3-ish days, which I was a tad bummed about because I missed out on going out with Ali J and Niina, two very beautiful and creative ladies, to a group exhibition of local indie artists, of which Ali J was one!!! Please go to her blog post about it, she has the pics of her delicious work and of other things. I love reading her blog. Plus they got awesome haircuts and now look like indie-godesses. Nevertheless, heres my pictures of the holiday, prettied up with poladroid.

the kitchen mantle, i stayed at "poppy cottage"...hence the tacky plastic flowers, hehe.

kitchen again, this time i really liked the red of the saucepan.

steps at the back of the cottage, with pine trees and such. quaint.

these two are from inside the little "chopping wood room" that was attached around the back of the house. there was a lovely vintage mint-green that didnt really come through when i altered the images, oh well.

taken in the "community park" area. it reminds me of how european down south is, it's like a big southern hemispere forest. Ferns, oaks, pines, blackberries, deciduous trees. sigh. so pretty.

and yeah, this one of the walls of the cottage. the whole place was painted mission brown. most horrible colour in history of the world when used on buildings.

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