Monday, August 10

Artist-Types are Pretty Cool.

Well, in my book they are anyway. I count myself very lucky to have made some great arty-friends through etsy, and the great thing is, although we all met on an international web-forum, we talk to each other more than most real-life friends do (with some of us checking the forum for updates three times a day or more!). Plus we all "meetup" in real life quite often. When someone is having a tough time, we all lend a caring ear, and when someone is doing really well, they know we'll be cheering them on in the sidelines.

Ali J is one such friend. She's always helping others out with sweet advice and lending an ear. So when I could return the favour by attending a recent art auction she was selling at, I jumped at the chance, (never mind that I really wanted to go anyway, hehe!). She was a little nervous, but she ended up being happy with the selling price, considering everything was rediculously underpriced, one peice went for $10... very uncomfortable feeling having the auctioneer make jokes about something that someone has obviously put thought and time into.

I hope whoever took Ali's artwork home will treasure it for the awesome peice of art it is :)

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