Monday, August 24

Only a Week Late...

Haha, remember when I said I'd be posting on Monday about a cool new thing I got? We-eell, I guess I kept my word, but technically I'm a week late!

So last Monday I had lunch with the very sweet and clever Sarah from Tea for Bini. I've wanted one of her Outdated Technology Series paintings for ages, I figured out the other day that I've been yearning for about two and a half years... why so long? Well, its mainly because I couldnt decide between all the lovely whimsical technologies, OR the colour, seeing as she has such good taste she decided to use THREE of some of my favourite colours, mustard, moss/forest green and grey.

But in the end I decided on this beauty:

Isn't it charming? Isn't it sweet? Isn't it perfect?

Yes, you say? I thought you would. So now I have it on my craft/drawing desk at Mums... it looks good there. Can you believe its hand-drawn?!

So yes. Thanks Sarah for the lovely lunch, chat, painting and for the sweet little extras you included :) You made my Monday.

Seeya chaps.

p.s. Get yours here.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

awww Lauren you're such a sweetie. Very cool to hear it is adorning your craft desk =)