Monday, August 31

It's Finally Over

Farewell winter.

I will not miss you.

I will not yearn for your cold mornings,

your soggy socks,

the way you blow my hair around,

or how you steal my enthusiasm like a theif.

See you next year, fiend.

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1 comment:

Niina A. said...

But won't you miss the layering of clothes, snuggly jumpers, cosy woollen tights, hot chocolates, dancing in the rain?

Although I do look forward to wearing summer dresses and sandals...but there are so many crappy things about summer too! Like sticky nights, scorching sunlight, sweaty skin, tiring days, the feeling of tacky sunscreen on our skin, having to shower more than once a day, FLIES!, cat wanting to sleep next to you but it's too hot.

We're such whiners :)