Saturday, October 31

Yay! Nice photo!

Had a little mini photo-shoot today in preparation for the "big update" to my etsy and madeit stores (links top right of blog, check out my madeit as I have already uploaded some new designs and fresh takes on old ones).
Usually my photos are so-so, which has to do with the photographer in me striking at moments where there is very little natural light, as well as the fact that my camera is pretty much shite.

But I really like this one!


Sarah said...

I love it too - great shot!

Shella said...

Great shot :) its adorable, will these be available soon to purchase I may have to add one to my collection!!
LOVE it!

Osier! said...

hey shella - yep, they're available at my madeit store :

you can have free postage cause you're one of my favourite customers :)