Thursday, December 31

BurdaStyle's Best of 2009

I really enjoy sewing, and unfortunately dont get to do as much of it as I'd like, so I tend to live vicariously (or, at least sew vicariously) through the projects of members of sites like craftster and BurdaStyle. They've released their "best of 2009" since I was there last, and I loved this so much had to share... she did it with no pattern! Amasing!


Just thought of something. New Year's Resolution.

I resolve in 2010 to sew at least 1 accessory or item of clothing per month, and to post my progress here on my blog.

Anyone want to join me in the "once-a-month-sew-and-tell"?

xoxo enjoy your New Year's celebrations tonight, and dont forget to stay safe!

See you next year! (I swear, that never gets old!)


BurdaStyle said...

Hi There!

We're so glad you love our "Best Of" Collection. We can't wait to see your creations in 2010!


The BurdaStyle Team

Shella said...

Happy New Year Lauren!!

I am so tempted to join you in your "once-a-month-sew-and-tell"...but im so bad a commitment....ah heck!! Im in! least it will keep me motivated cos once a month I have to show something!!!

Here's to 2010 being the most creative year yet!!

Renee said...

I will join you when I settle into TAFE and Perth :) Probably won't get to blog about it though.

BTW I have a box of sewing patterns (mostly ones of my mums, when she was my age) and you can borrow them if you want. Just be careful with them. =P

Lara said...

I'm in, with the "once a month sew and tell", I 'sew' need to do something to get me out of the rut that I'm in, and use up the enormous fabric mountain that is taking over my house. I have a wardrobe of patterns too that I'm also happy for you to borrow plus if you need any help putting it together just ask ;o)

Amanda said...

I should join you, I want to join you.....ok I will but I don't have high hopes of achieving something every month. I'll try though.

OSIER said...

yay, four so far!

Jacquie said...

I'm in.

(So easy to say at the start of the year)

Jen said...

Hey Lauren, I'm in, I'm scared, but I'm in. My flatmate/best friend and I made a deal that in return for helping me with admin-y things for Eight Crows I would make her a cape/caplet. I think I need to work up to this and your idea sounds like a great way to do it! Yay! (in a scared/excited way).

olivefarm said...

ooohhh count me in too! i mostly hand sew everything and have been missing my machine. Let me know when and where babes =)

Happy 2010!

Anonymous said...

OMG did you make that bathing suit?!?!
thats amazing
should definetally be added to the once-a-month-sew-and-tell (with a tute)!!!

OSIER said...

Anon - oh no! that talent is not mine, I'm sorry to say. Just a talented lass from BurdaStyle's cool club, who post amasing things all the time.. sigh!