Friday, January 1

Happy New Year and Oops.

Hiya All,

First, Happy New Year and all that :) hope its a good one for ya!

Secondly, to celebrate new beginnings and all that, I gave myself a new blog address, as you can see above in that address bar of yours. Not so really-really-really long winded anymore is it?

But unfortunately it seems to create problems for those of you who have feeders and subscriptions and whatnot. Sorry folks! The only thing that seems to be working at the moment is re-linking, re-subscribing and re-doing. Thank you all for your patience, and in the meanwhile, I have put up a redirection page at the old blogarino.

after party


uglygirl said...

I follow your blog on Google Reader. It's pretty simple to change to the new address. Love the balloon photo.

OSIER said...

oh, thanks for that, I suppose that if people liked my blog enough to subscribe to a reader in the first place they wont mind changing :) you're a champ.