Saturday, January 30

Treasure, me Hearties! Volume 6

Wow. It is so hot here I cant whip up the enthusiasm for a really talkative post.

So here goes;

1. Acorns Vintage AND Osier feature from my buddy Amanda from Polyclarific. This was done as part of our Australia Day celebrations in our Perth etsy sellers team.

press treasury osier av jan 2010 polyclarific

2. Two more features of my Twenty Kisses Pip&Emily Brooch in Valentines themed treasuries from the lovey Maeve Barton, and darlingART.

press treasury PE jan 2010 Maeve Barton press treasury PE jan 2010 darlingART

3. A huge big huggy thankyou to the three of you for your support. I appreciate it more than you know. xx

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