Monday, February 1

Acorns Vintage at this Weekends Oxford St Markets

Hi All,

Just a quick little note to say that we are looking forward to this weekend where we will be selling a delightful range of vintage and retro wares, clothing, patterns, books and decor, plus a typewriter!

Annie will also be there with her laser-cut label; Osmosis Designs.


Miss Dot said...

argggggggggg a typewriter!!!! and I can't go, I will be in Margs! I have some vintage shoes that don't fit me that I wanted to see if you could sell on consignment for me! bugger.
Have a good one.

OSIER said...

jane - just give em to me at the next meetup :)

if you wanna look at the typewriter its here:

The Ginger Fox said...

Will see you there lovie :)

p.s. would you mind including my blog on your west aussie list for MOTL. cheers

OSIER said...

excellent Tara :)

will do now :)