Wednesday, February 10

I am a Really Lazy Blogger.

So lazy, in fact, that I havn't posted these photos from out 2009 December WA Etsy Sellers Meetup...

Apologies for the cleavage there *blushes*

Niina and I ended up in matching candy red&white striped tops... I must say hers was cuter though!

So here they are. The usual obscenley excessive amounts of food, fun conversation, and the added bonus of Lucky Dip xmas pressies! (Mine was a super cute button bouquet from Liza, she makes them all herself, take a look at her business blog - Lillybuds) Brides go crazy for them!


It really is amasing how just because we have creating in common, we seem to be compatible as friends, even though we come from different cultural, religious, financial, and professional backgrounds, not to mention our wide age range! (18 - 50+!) No one rubs others the wrong way, and people are more than happy to accept when people have a difference of opinion. Maybe the whole world should take up being an indie creative, I'm sure it would prevent a lot of mischeif.

Creative Output = Global Peace. Who'd have thought?

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Niina A. said...

Oh my gosh so true, everyone should become a crafter!!